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Armazem Sao Thiago (but known to the locals as Bar Do Gomez)

Without a question the most popular location in the neighborhood! It is a long running bar where the son of the original owner (Gomez) is immortalized! It offers great bar food, actually quite an extensive menu of bar foods! But the real reason to visit Bar do Gomez is for a cold beer or Caipirinhas and to people watch (and meet)! Get the Empanada de frango (chicken empanada); they have light and dark draft (chopp), pretty good caipirinhas and an awesome salami sandwich! Artists, Dr’s, Attorneys, Pimps & Whores…quite a scene!

Rua Aurea, 26 – Santa Teresa (at the corner of Rua Monte Alegre)
Tel: 21 2232-0822
Hours: Open daily from 12 noon until




Bar do Mineiro is a little piece of Minas in Santa Teresa. Meals are hearty and portions generous. Appetizers include sausages and pasteis — savory pastries with a variety of stuffings, including sausage, cheese, or cabbage. The frango com quiabo (stewed chicken with okra) is popular, as is the Feijão tropeiro. There’s also a very good (and very Carioca) feijoada.

Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno, 99 – Santa Teresa
Tel: +55 (21) 2221-9227

Please refer to the small map of Santa Teresa wich is in your room.


The Armazém Cultural São Joaquim (São Joaquim Cultural Warehouse), at the busiest point of the Santa Teresa neighborhood, the Largo do Guimarães, is one of the good options of bars in the area. The “Cultural” word added to the name of its traditional predecessor, called Armazém São Joaquim, shows a small change of the new management’s goal: to serve art, and entertainment.

Instead of shelves, stone walls display works of the local Santa Teresa’s artists. The pleasant high ceilings lounge just received a piano that is available to any of the clients who want to risk a few notes.

Rua Almirante Alexandrino 470, Santa Teresa

Tel: 25076055

Hours: WED to THU 4 pm – 2am, FRI and SAT until 4am


The Bar do Bonde is an option for those days when the Bar do Mineiro or Bar do Gomez display crowds out of the door.

Away from Largo dos Guimarães, the busiest area of Santa Teresa, the place is more frequented by local residents.

They offer a good variety of appetizers such as the “little pillows” of tapioca flour filled with shrimp and cheese, and the little fried balls of Brazilian beans.

Rua Almirante Alexandrino 1450, Santa Teresa.

Tel: 25074379

Hours: MON to WED – 6pm – 10pm, THU and FRI until midnight. SAT to SUN 12 – midnight.




Cheerful as Rio de Janeiro and charming as Ipanema, the Barthodomeu has a menu that is an attraction itself, with traditional snacks and bar specials. All packaged by live music and contagious good humor of the waiters. Recognized as one of the best post beach options of Rio, their daytime customers mix with the night in of the most fun nights of Rio.

Location: Rua Maria Quitéria, 46, Ipanema, Rio de janeiro

Hours: Everydays from 12h00 to…the last client!




The atmosphere has more than 100 classic vinyls stamped on the bottom wall of the bar to reach the second floor. The place is a stronghold of pop and rock and roll of the 60, 70 and 80’s. In addition to the vinyl, all over the walls you can find paintings of the artists of that time as Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger (and all the Stones ), Beatles, Erick Clapton, Jackson Five and etc. Together with the decoration, there are televisions that broadcast shows and performances of all these artists. Even so you sit on the table, the waiter brings you a tablet with a multitude of directories for you to choose the songs that suit you best. Then your choices enter the local repertoire queue and at some point in your night you'll hear your favorite music. Cool, right?

Location: Paul Redfern, 33, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 18h00 to 24h00